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14 Of The Most Frustrating Moments Ever In Game Of Thrones.

Game of Thrones has plenty of tense and dramatic scenes that leave you feeling stricken and anguished for your favorite characters. Though much fewer, there’s no lack of tragedies either, and by the impact they have on us, they’re actually far too many. Right in between are those moments that just let you down, when events don’t go as expected or characters don’t do the ‘smart’ thing even though that’s just how they are. Check out some of the most frustrating moments ever in Game of Thrones.

1. When Sansa did not tell the truth about Joffrey and the butcher boy.


Sansa was frustrating to watch for most of the first season. Her dreams of becoming Joffrey’s queen made her turn a blind eye to his true nature, which she witnesses here for the first time. We lost two Stark direwolves that day because she refused to tell the truth about Joffrey.

2. When Ned told Cersei he knew about Joffrey’s true parentage but didn’t tell Robert.


This moment encapsulated Ned’s most admirable trait and biggest weakness: his sense of honor. Rather than going straight to Robert, he gives Cersei a chance to save her children’s lives by warning her that he knows the truth. This was a huge mistake to make in the Game of Thrones, and he paid for it with more than his life.

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