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Game of Thrones Season 7 Shooting information leaked!

Arco de la Estrella. Photo: Juanje 2712


Spain has been a major Game of Thrones location this year, with cameras rolling across the country these past couple months, and today there are new details about the filming in Cáceres city this month.  The City Council has received the shooting plan for Game of Thrones, confirming the dates of Wednesday December 14th and Thursday the 15th for filming in Cáceres’ Monumental City. The plan also reveals several specific sites.

In addition to the location info, an exciting video has surfaced on YouTube, giving us a sneak peek at a fiery moment from season 7! But we’ll place that at the bottom of the post with fair warning so you spoiler-averse folks can skip that.

As for the new locations: Adarve, Arco de la Estrella, Plaza de Santa María, Plaza de los Golfines, San Jorge, cuesta de la Compañía, San Mateo, and las Veletas are reportedly the places within the Monumental City that look to be involved in filming for season 7. All the locations will be closed for the dates listed, except to residents and the workers who require access to the area.

We’ve speculated before that Cáceres City might take over as King’s Landing and other urban interiors of the Thrones world, this season. Let’s take a closer look at the locations to get a feel for what role they might play.