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A Game of Thrones fan’s guide to Girona

Check out the Spanish city otherwise known as Essos and Westeros


It’s not often you see a group of people delight in impersonating a homeless blind girl beaten with a stick, or an amputee aristocrat leading an army against his incest bastard, but Girona brings it out in people. Specifically, Game of Thrones people.

And ever since HBO’s fantasy behemoth started filming in this medieval city in north-east Catalonia,  hardcore fans have flocked to explore the real-life setting of series six and beyond. Now it’s your turn.

Arriving in Girona with the landscapes of Westeros and Essos in mind – it’s possible to visit both within one day in Girona learning about two millenia of history, culture, architecture and food via an in-depth nine-hour walking tour.

Scroll down and hit next to see  home to Arya Stark during her difficult ‘girl with no name’ phase in season six…

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