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Did This Game Of Thrones Character Know What Happened At The Tower Of Joy Back In Season 1?

The season six finale of Game of Thrones has truly been memorable, especially when it finally confirmed the show’s worst kept ‘secret’ – the truth behind Jon Snow’s real parents. Through Bran’s greensight, we were able to see what happened inside the Tower of Joy (after being massively teased in an earlier episode) and discover how Ned’s sister, Lyanna, made him promise to keep her son, baby Jon, safe. However, a fan has noticed that we already got hints of this scene as early as Season 1, from a character who wasn’t there.

There are only a handful of characters who know the truth about Jon Snow’s true parentage.


There were only three people we know to have survived the entire Tower of Joy scene: Ned Stark, his friend and loyal bannerman Howland Reed, and the unnamed handmaiden who helped deliver Lyanna’s baby (which we’ll get to later on).
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