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Game of Thrones fandom is a cultural phenomenon that has grown from the global popularity of the linked books and TV series. It’s an obsessive fandom that shows no signs of slowing down. This site was inspired by the enormous and continuous dedication of this fan base and was developed from the hugely popular Facebook page With Season 7 of this show soon to start in the coming weeks this established AND money making site is set to grow bigger and bigger.

Our site averages over 60k unique visitors and Facebook page 1.5 million monthly reach and we have plenty of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for businesses out there.

Social Media.... Branded Content on our Facebook page

Expose your brand, shop and website with creative branded content to our facebook users and reach a potential 500,000 in reach and potential 800,000 impressions per post. We can even help write your branded content. We have packages from $160 & single posts at $20. An example of branded content is shown below. Get in touch to find out more.

Sponsored Images or Sponsored Memes on the GOT website

Please contact for further details.

Sponsored video embedded on our website

There are a number of video promotion initiatives we can offer. Please contact our ad team to discuss these possibilities.

For examples above examples please email us on